Sunday 26 May 2013

A Fun Day Out Meeting Ben, Jerry and the Animal Crew

This is the first time that I have linked up to Coombe Mill’s Country Kids. I've wanted to link up a post for a long time but either time or rain has put paid to any pursuits worth sharing. However, this week Tink and I joined our Toddler group on a trip to one of our nearby animal parks. It was our last session before half term and the rain stayed away; almost, so we could enjoy being outside with the wildlife.

My eldest Belle has always loved visiting animal parks and it looks like Tink is set to follow in her footsteps. They both have a great respect for animals but do not fear them. Maybe it’s because both my hubby and I had horses of our own as kids and access to other animals that its second nature to encourage our own children to take a keen interest in them. I notice a lot of adults who want their kids to feed or stroke the animals but do not model or show them how. I feel it’s so important to make sure we show our kids how to interact with animals which makes it safe for all and also a positive experience.
Tink had a fabulous time on our trip out. Some of the others we were with were drawn in by the climbing frame and slide. Not Tink. She was all for the animals and adored feeding Ben and Jerry the Alpacas. We had to go back several times just to make sure that they didn't want any more grass to eat ! They were very cute and exceptionally gentle with her. I’m not sure if they spit like Llamas but I’m sure if you got on the wrong side of them they could be persuaded !

There were enough animals on show to keep little Tink occupied; pigs, lambs, cows, ponies, chickens, a rather aggressive turkey (there’s always one isn't there?!), and some rather cute guinea pigs and rabbits.

We managed to have our snack outside with our friends as the rain threatened but to its credit it did stay away. We then walked the lovely gardens down to the lake, past the main building which connects to the college they have onsite. 

It was lovely to let the kids run free, playing with leaves, fallen magnolia petals and just exploring their surroundings. I’m so pleased that we live in a rural setting, but even more pleased that we have many choices like this close to where we live.

I was actually here last Sunday when I ran the Race for Life in honour of my Mum. You can read more about that day here. It actually felt a bit weird at first coming back a few days later and not jogging around the lake. At least this time the rain stayed away for the duration.

Tink finished her visit by finding a very small but perfectly formed cuddly bunny to take home with her. I so wish they didn't make the exit through their gift shop. It’s such a distraction isn't it? They are crafty these places.
Mummy & Tink 
It truly was a lovely way to finish off the term with our lovely group of friends. Last year we went on a visit to see the baby lambs, this year we enjoyed one of our local animal parks. Great fun was had by all, some much needed fresh air was taken in, with great company including the gorgeous animals and some excess energy was burnt off in the process. What could be better? Perfect.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Silent Sunday 26/5/13

Monday 20 May 2013

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#89

I have wanted to try out the ‘100 Word Challenge for Grown ups' (#100WCGU) and link up with Julia’s Place for a while, but just haven’t got around to it. I saw this week’s prompt which is this fabulous picture courtesy of Marianne Whooley, of Mari'sWorld. I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without giving it a go so here is my 100 word offering. Enjoy x


The girls watched the last of the bubbles popping on the surface of the water. Then nothing; silence. They both looked across to where their mother stood. She caught their gaze and dropped the piece of driftwood on the ground in front of her. Kirsty noticed her hands were visibly shaking and then her mother started to sob, long hard sobs. Kirsty and Sally tentatively made their way to where their mother knelt. She embraced them with a strength they weren't used to. “We’re safe now.” she said, “Just the three of us”. She smiled, wiping away her tears.

Sunday 19 May 2013

Race For Life – Mission Accomplished !

Today was the day. The day I ran in honour of my fabulous Mum. It was my first Race for Life so I wasn't sure what to expect. I've had friends who have run in previous races but this year I felt strong enough to run it myself for Mum and my reason for doing it was obviously very definite this time. As a family it’s not the first time we have been touched by cancer but this was the first time we’d lost someone to it. That made it more poignant.

The weather decided it was time to rain again ! Not what I’d hoped for but I have to say that once I’d got going and I was about half way round, I was actually quite happy that the sky was sprinkling us all with raindrops. We certainly didn't overheat that’s for sure!

Race For Life 2013 - Before the Rain !

One of the best parts is the warm up. The outfits on display were fun and varied; I didn't know there were quite so many shades of pink! Trying to get a group of women doing the right moves in time is difficult enough at your local leisure centre, so you can imagine the hilarity of seeing several hundred of us trying to do hamstring curls (or is that pulls!) followed by the spotty dog all in time. Not the most organised of sights but great fun none the less. We also did 'The Cancer Slam' dance. When I showed Belle the video yesterday I think she thought I was completely mad. “You’re doing that Mum?” “Yep, well Mummy’s going to try to do it sweetheart!” “And, of course you can join me if you like”. The curled up lip and wrinkled nose told me that the likelihood of her joining me was slim. Oh well, another excuse to embarrass then.

Before the race began, the obligatory wee break was obviously required. It would appear that I managed to jump the queue for the loo at this point. I came in across the field from the side and didn't even notice there was a queue. I strolled over to the nearest available loo and did the necessary. It was only when I emerged from my portaloo that I surveyed the scene; a long queue of pink tops, some looking none too pleased ! Oops, sorry ladies.

I very quickly scuttled away head down, looking rather sheepish and found hubby and the girls again. Phew, hopefully no one would notice me later on and try to push me into the lake. We were then split into 3 groups; the runners (not me!), the joggers and the walkers. Can you guess where I was? Yep, the joggers. I know, you thought I was with the walkers didn't you?! Well I was actually jogging then walking when it all got too much. I did surprise myself though seeing as training had fallen by the wayside a few weeks earlier. I did wonder if I’d actually make it round, but I managed it in a respectable 47 minutes.

Belle's Fab Posters, My Medal & Race Number

I chatted to a couple of lovely ladies en route which kept me focussed. And then right at the end as I came around the corner running to the finish line, my oldest friend from primary school was standing there on the side lines cheering me on! It was completely unexpected and both her and her family had travelled 2 hours to be there with me. At that moment I felt so blessed to have such great friends in my life. She knew Mum well and is also running for her in June. It was the best finish for me to see her there. It meant the world to me.

Despite the rain and my lack of training my spirits weren't dampened at any point although poor Belle was very sad that they closed the bouncy castle because of the wet weather. Disappointed she was, but we promised to make it up to her. Maybe next year the sun will put its hat back on and I’ll be hip hip hooraying my way round to finish another Race for Life to kick cancer right outta here!


I’m linking this post up with Jaime at The Oliver’s Madhouse this week for ‘Magic Moments’, as this has certainly felt like one of mine. 

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Friday 17 May 2013

Losing, then re-finding my blogging MoJo

Hello Lovelies. Yes, I've left you stranded here for 2 whole weeks. It wasn't intentional but life seems to have got in the way a bit. You know how it is sometimes and if I’m honest I kind of lost my blogging mojo for a while.

I've been drowning under the ever growing “to do” list that has been looming. It’s not been the nicest of feelings but eventually I've put my head in the right space again and found some focus once more. So I’m back again, but only briefly tonight. I’ll be writing some more posts in the coming weeks. I've lots planned in my head. I just need to balance out time for everything now.

I’m off to run (well probably more like walk and jog!) in the Race for Life on Sunday in honour of my beautiful Mum. It’s my first time doing this and it feels slightly weird doing it for Mum. There are times when I’m sure she will just walk back through the door and give me one of her lovely hugs. I think there’s a part of you that never wants to admit they've gone forever. So, I’m gathering momentum for that and how it will all make me feel. I have lots to blog about on Sophia’s Choice too and I have also been researching bits and pieces for the online shop I aim to launch in September this year to run alongside it. It’s all coming together but it just takes so much more time when you are a SAHM with a 2 year old toddler in tow. We’ll get there though.

I've also been booking myself on courses; a business start up course, a copy writers course and another web design course. I know, I’m mad ! But all this will piece bits of my jigsaw puzzle together and finally complete the picture. I've wanted to do something again for myself for a long time. I love my girls with all my being but I’m also very ambitious and independent. I've happily given the past 7 years to be there for them and will still be there, but now I’m really excited about what the future holds for me too. The two blogs have ignited my passion for writing again and everything seems to be falling into place once more. That makes me so happy. It’s long overdue. Yes, I’m going to be very busy over the coming months, but happily so.

My want is to grow this blog now and the lovely thing is that The Mad Mummy Musings is very different from Sophia’s Choice. They allow me to share with you all in very different ways. Belle is very interested in what I write for the two blogs and is keen to be involved, so I’m sure that anything I end up sharing here that involves craft and being creative, will involve her input. We will be reviewing a creative craft activity very soon on this blog. You’ll just have to wait and see what that is.

I also joined up with the Britmums Book Club recently. I’m still reading the first book but  I’m determined to get back to reading again. I used to devour books before having small people to run around after. It’s amazing how little time there seems to be now. What did we all fill our time with before kids eh?! I’ll be reviewing the books I get to read here too, so look out for a good read or two coming your way.

So, that’s all for now. Short and sweet. I just felt the need to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you and I’ll be back again very soon indeed. Have a great weekend one and all. A bientot xx


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Thursday 2 May 2013

For Matilda Mae

Over the past week, I have been completely overwhelmed by the strength, emotion and beauty that I've read in the recent posts from Jennie who writes the blog, Edspire

Jennie and her husband, David tragically lost their 9 month old baby girl, Matilda Mae to SIDS three months ago.

The support I have witnessed from the blogging community for Jennie and her family has been truly amazing and it never ceases to amaze me how everyone rallies around to give their love and support to their fellow bloggers (who in most cases have become friends) in whatever way they can.

I have wanted to comment on posts, or send a message of condolence to Jennie, David, Esther and William but somehow it hasn't felt right. I am one of those who came across the blog because of their loss and so I have read from a distance sending out as much healing and love to the family as possible.

However, in recent days I have felt the urge and the want to do something for Matilda Mae, particularly as today would have been Matilda’s 1st birthday. And it is also today that Jennie, David, Esther and William will finally lay her ashes to rest.

So, I would like to honour Matilda with this poem. Rest in peace MM xx 


For Matilda Mae

Fly sweet angel, spread your wings and fly

This world has now released you, back to God’s embrace

Your presence has been felt far and wide

You have touched so many hearts

Many have never known you but feel your everlasting spark

Like a firework you've touched us

With your beauty and your colourful, sparkling smile

That penetrates deep inside us and touches us to our core, our soul

Rest in peace now sweet angel, you are loved both here and there

And know that when the time is right, you will all be linked together once more

Keep shining your bright light sweet angel, we honour you today

As we wish you safe passage on your voyage across the sea

© Charlotte Hughes 1 May 2013

I am linking this poem to Ghostwriter Mummy's tribute to Matilda Mae and also to Prose For Thought. Happy 1st Birthday Beautiful Matilda xx

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