Post Natal Depression

If you’ve clicked this page then you either have an interest in post natal depression (PND) or perhaps you too suffered or are suffering at this time.

Post Natal Depression is not something any of us expect to suffer with and it can be the most devastating thing to happen to you and your family when you're supposed to be embarking on one of the most beautifully life changing times of your life.

Becoming a parent changes you forever, however when you add PND into the mix, you're changed beyond recognition. It’s one of the toughest journeys I’ve ever been on and one I never wish to repeat. I recovered about 4 years ago when my eldest daughter was about 4 years old. I then fell pregnant unexpectedly with my second daughter, and sadly my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer 6 weeks after I’d given birth.

She lost her battle with the illness 6 months later and my greatest fear was that I'd plummet into the depths of PND again, however, something made me dig deeper than I’d dug before and although I suffered very low moods due to the grief and the overwhelming feelings I suffered at that time, I didn’t succumb to the illness again and for that I will be truly thankful.

I chose not to go the conventional route with anti-depressants and instead changed my diet and had counselling. I'm a firm believer that diet and nutrition play a key role in whether a woman will be predisposed to PND. There are many other contributing factors too and it most certainly isn't black and white, however, I do feel that more could be done to educate women about being nutritionally healthy before, during and after pregnancy. It's key to a woman's mental as well as physical health at this time in her life.

If you're interested in my personal PND journey, then below you'll find the posts I've shared so far. If you wish to get in touch with me, then please do so using my contact page here.

Wishing you joy and love on your journey as a Mum xx


My Personal Journey Through PND

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