My Green Lifestyle Blog

Sophia's Choice is my other baby; my Green Lifestyle blog providing information on organic, natural, eco-friendly, fair-trade and creative products, ideas and classes for the whole family. All tried and tested.

Sophia's Choice whirred around in my head for quite a few years before it finally became a blog.

I had my first daughter, whilst living in Brittany, France and often found myself frustrated by the lack of natural and organic baby products available to me. This led me to scour the internet and I began to find some great companies with the types of baby products I was looking for; cot mattresses made from natural, breathable materials, chemical and paraben-free creams and lotions to apply to my baby girl's delicate skin, clothing made from natural, organic materials, gorgeous wooden toys and so it went on.

Since returning to the UK and having my second daughter the list has been added to and continues to grow. I have also found great classes, books, magazines which have helped my husband and I, as parents, along our ever evolving journey.

This blog covers everything from nappies, potty training and sleep sacks to free-from skincare, eco-clothing, books and craft activities. It is a blog for the whole family; babies, children, teens, Mums and Dads. It is ever evolving as we as a family unit grow and change. It is my hope that you will find something here that interests you.

If you are interested in popping across for a nosey, then please click here.

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